I spent a lot of February 29th on various trains. First I went from boyfriend’s place to see Tony (1 hour and 16 minutes trip in total) then I went from Tony’s place to Bite Me’s place (1 hour 30 minutes trip in total) for a movie night.

We watched Corpse Bride again and a couple of Buffy episodes xD Was lot’s of fun^^ In one of the episodes there was this monster-dude who made everyone act like they were in a musical. So lot’s of singing xD I liked Spike’s song :) Dev and Lynette sang along. Both of them are Buffy-fans (even though Lynette prefers Angel)

Lot’s of time was spent talking. Can’t remember exactly what we talked about but we had fun^^ I also fell asleep using Bite Me as a pillow.

Around 3AM Bite Me and Lynette went to bed. Me and Dev spent the next hours talking. When we finally went to bed it was light outside, so I’m guessing we went to bed around seven or eight in the morning.

I found out a couple of things about Dev that I didn’t know. Much of the time we were talking about sex though xD I’m not very surprised. If me and Dev spend enough time talking we’ll sooner or later start talking about sex xD

Either way, I had a really nice day :)