So far I haven’t seen one single real life marriage that looks like anything I want. I’ve seen my parents, my grandparents, my best friend’s, a couple of other friends’ parents.

My parents would fight pretty much non stop. I can’t recall a single time where they were actually nice to each other. I can remember the icy politenes, but not any genuine niceness. I remember my mum having to threaten to call the cops cos he wouldn’t leave. I can remember my dad calling my mum fat and lazy and other names like that. I can remember my dad blaming the divorce on my mum, in his eyes he is completely flawless.

My grandparent’s relationship isn’t really abusive, but it’s most definitely not a relationship I would want to be one half of. It’s hard to describe really, I can’t say much more than that my grandfather is the biggest pushover I’ve ever met.

My best friend get’s annoyed at her husband cos  he never helps out at home. Her mother told her she was being “immoral” for wanting one day out with a friend. That would be about six or seven hours out of the house, leaving her husband to look after the kids. And her mother tells her she is being irresponsible and immoral for leaving her husband and her kids.

She is a stay-at-home mum and has no real income, so she has to ask her husband for money. If she wants something she has to ask him nicely and hope he doesn’t deem it unnecessary.  He is her husband, not her freaking parent! In Sweden married people own everything together.

Another friend’s father occasionally hit her mother. Sometimes even my friend and her sister. The parents stayed together until the dad died from cancer. Why? The mother thought it was her duty to the husband and the children. Dude, if your kids want nothing more than for you to get a divorce, then you can’t possible justify not getting a divorce as it being for the kids.

Seriously, why do people get married? Do I just happen to have seen a disproportioate number of situations I would hate to find myself in or is this the norm?

And people ask why I’m so pessimistic when it comes to relationships.