This is part two. Part one can be found here. Angel has a male friend whom she likes a bit too much. She’d asked if she could stay at his place in case things got messed up with Daisy. He told her that wasn’t possible cos he would be having lady company. Angel was pretty upset over that. Upset enough to cry :(


There was this guy dressed like a pirate xD I’m not sure if I can post a picture though >< Messing with enough to not recognise him makes it very hard to see his outfit…

I don’t smoke, so when the people I was currently sitting and talking to wanted to go out for a smoke they asked me to watch their beer. With nothing better to do I took a couple of pictures. I think this one was the best.


Daisy and Angel was singing karaoke. They had chosen a song that a lot of people hate, and they weren’t very good singers either. So this guy approached me asking who the hell would chose that song?

“Uhm, two of my friends,” I said, trying not to laugh. He left pretty soon xD

Ryan ordered huge shots. One was blue, one was green, one was red and one was white. One was for Ryan and the rest for Daisy, Angel and me. I asked Ryan what was in them.

“I don’t know,” he happily told me. “I asked for four big ass shots.”

My shot was big, it was blue, it made my throat burn and my head spin. By now I was most definitely very drunk.

Sometime during the night Daisy and Angel went for a walk to sober up a bit. Me and Ryan started off going with them, but it was freezing cold so we went back in. On the way I had my arms under Ryan’s t-shirt to get some warmth. I said that if it counted as groping I didn’t give a damn cos it was c-c-c-o-o-l-l-d-d-d. Teeth chattering we made our way back in.

Too soon for my liking the club had to close. It was three AM and the bouncers were telling people to leave. Daisy was talking to the owner of the club and said that it was going to be an after party at Ryan’s place.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to the after party or not, since it’s very annoying to get from Ryan’s place to boyfriend’s in the middle of the night. With car it’s a 15 minute drive, and in the day time it takes about 15 to half an hour.

I talked to Ryan and said I wanted to go home and sleep. He said if the after party hadn’t been at his place he’d wanted to go home and sleep too ^^ Club Owned tried to make me go though, and Daisy thought I should come too. In the end my tiredness won and I left for the night bus to boyfriend’s place.

To be continued…