Me and Ria had decided to go out on Friday night. Friday afternoon I get a text from her. She’s not coming… So I wrote a couple of messages to some other people I thought were going out.

Daisy told me she, Angel and Ryan were going out. She even mentioned a pre-party, but she wasn’t sure yet. She said she’d get in touch if there would be one.

When I turned up at the club it was close to empty. Luckily for me a couple of other regulars where there, so I had someone to talk to. I also got a rose. They had a Valentine theme and handed out roses to the first hundred or so people to show up.

A while later I saw Ryan in the queue. Happy someone I actually knew finally had turned up. I asked where Daisy and Angel were and he told me they were in the restroom fixing make up and stuff xD So I went to join them.

The rest of the night was pretty fun. Most of the following stuff is not in any particular order. There is also pictures! :D

“Do you want a tasty or a strong drink?” Ryan asked us. Angel and I opted for tasty, Daisy wanted to get drunk so asked for a strong drink. I got a pretty pink drink^^ Of course I had to take a couple of pictures^^

pink pink

Cindy asked me to follow her to the bathroom. She needed help with a problem she had. She was kinda together with this guy, but he hadn’t been in touch for three days. He hadn’t replied to calls or texts and when she tried IMing him he either logged out or blocked her.

She’d run into her old fuck buddy and he wanted to go home with her or have her come home with him. She both wanted to spend the night with him and not. What should she do? I couldn’t really help her…


The sign says “Every other drink should be water”

Once when I went to the restroom I heard Daisy and another girl discuss the idiot from the forum.

“She’s crazy,” Daisy said. “What you wear doesn’t matter if you’re raped.”

“According to her, if I got raped on my way home tonight it would be my own fault,” I said and gestured to my very short skirt. They both laughed. (No pictures of the skirt, sorry)

To be continued…