There was this thread that started with talking about who was pregnant, then someone who’d gotten pregnant less than two weeks into a relationship called abortion murder and said she could never go through with what was “the worst thing a woman could do”.

So I asked how abortion could be worse than rape. I said that how can something you chose cos you think it would be the best choice for you be worse than something you can’t help and will also be blamed for?

She responded that some get forced to go through an abortion and that you could understand that some people with short skirts got raped cos they looked “easy”.

At this point another girls comes into the discussion. She tells this first girl that she’s a bloody moron and that what you wear got nothing to do with rape.

So this first girl said that is was irresponsible to be wearing short skirts when you knew what the world looked like, and it wasn’t like you could ever completely rid the world of rape.

“Rape can never stop as long as there are people like you out there,” I said.

“What the fuck do I have to do with rape? I’m not the one out there raping..” she objected.

“As long as people like you send signals to rapists that what they do is ok, we won’t rid the world of rapes,” I said.


So apparently it’s ok  to go off topic as long as you don’t offend her. Bloody moron.