I decided that I needed a little break from partnered sex. Lately, I have been feeling pretty down and I’m not completely sure I’m having sex for the right reasons, so I needed a break to figure it out.

I told boyfriend yesterday. All he had to say was “Ok”. No asking why, no complaining, just “If you need it, sure.”

When I feel sad like I’ve been doing lately, I find myself more having sex cos I feel like I should want it than cos I actually do want it. Usually I have a fairly high libido, so when I feel sad and don’t get horny so much it feels like something is missing, so I try to make myself want sex.

Boyfriend has done nothing wrong, and I haven’t done anything wrong either. Right now I just feel like need a break. I don’t need a break from making out and stuff like that, just sex.

Boyfriend asked if I was going to stop taking my birth control pills too, cos I’ve been talking about that. I don’t think this break will last long enough for my body to get used to not getting those hormones so I’m not going to stop taking those pills :P I don’t expect this break to last longer than two-three weeks tops.