It’s weekend yet again and I get to see boyfriend in about an hour. He’s waiting for the train and talking to me on the phone. I just checked what was the quickest way for him to get to my place.

Oh, I just got a comment^^ I get them e-mailed to me and just got the notification xD

Today I’ve been moving around like a zombie. I only started feeling like I’d actually woken up when I was on my way home. I got picked up from school by mum, that doesn’t happen often… She had to go to a meeting here and had to be home by 3PM. I don’t think I’ve been home that early in years.

In school today I found out that something that was supposed to be a group project to be presented orally had been rearranged somewhat. I can now do a written, individual project instead. Wiieeee! I really dislike oral presentations… Probably cos I suck at it. I get so nervous I’m literally shaking.

I can’t wait ’till I get to see boyfriend again. I’ve missed him… I don’t think anyone realises exactly how much he means to me and how much I really love him. I’m terrible at showing emotions. Like really terrible…

And I just noticed it’s taken me twenty minutes to write this xD