There is this project I have to do for school. If I don’t get a grade for that I won’t be allowed to graduate. And if I don’t get top grades for it I won’t have good enough grades for the two collage/uni things I want to go to.

Problem? I haven’t even started and it should be done in May. I don’t even really know what I should do…. Boyfriend had some ideas and sent me a couple of e-mails. I’ll check them out later today.

One of my top choice Unis is in Lund. As it is right now it looks like it could be the top choice. There is one thing right now that makes it more likely I’ll chose the other one. Boyfriend. Lund is pretty far away, and I want to see him more often than I’m seeing him right now and that’s not going to happen if I move to Lund for three-four years.

If our relationship goes long distance I’m afraid we’ll break up, and I don’t want that to happen. Before, when I was talking about moving to Gothenburg, boyfriend talked about maybe moving with me. I wonder if he’d still consider moving with me…

Either way, I don’t know if any of my choices will accept me. I can only hope for the best…