I’m ill, I’m horny, I’m tired, I’ve got a headache and my ears hurt. And I’ve missed two days of school. And I look a lot less happy of now than I did when the picture was taken.

Luckily my Physics teacher hasn’t been in school either so I haven’t really missed anything important. And if I was to be ill tomorrow too, all but one of my classes are cancelled. Too bad that the only one not cancelled is the only one I really don’t want to miss.

Boyfriend called me on his lunch break to ask if I felt better. Just that I answered my home phone at 1PM showed that I wasn’t feeling better.

I really hope I’ll be ok this weekend. I wanna go out! Linda will be going out on Friday. She found a babysitter for her five months old son. Been talking about kids with her today xD Nadia has two of them… The youngest is almost one now^^

I need to stop being ill! Like NOW! That’s probably one of the reasons why I’m not well yet though… I’m stressing too much, which makes me feel worse.

And I can’t stop thinking about what I’d want to do with boyfriend if we were alone… Which doesn’t really make me less horny. I want him… So bad.

From the reading that last paragraph it almost sounds as I haven’t had sex in ages. If you think five days is ages then it’s been ages…. Otherwise not xD