I’m going to the Counsellor Lady tomorrow at 2PM. I just remembered today… I’m scared. I don’t know if I can open up and tell her enough about the pain for her to help me. I hope I’ll be able to.

This time I’ll not cancel my appointment at least.

Today was pretty tiring, so this nervousness might just be mostly exhaustion. First we had a information thingy on fire security, then I had a bunch of lessons requiring me thinking and then I spent two hours talking to ninth-grades about Gymnasiet*.

At least I got movie tickets xD

I really need to calm down. I do not need to stress over the counselling, it’s going to help me! If I just manage to tell her what happened and how I’ve been reacting and stuff she’ll be able to tell me what I can do to heal. It will be hard work but I can do it! I need to heal.

*Swedish equivalent of high school.