I saw an episode of Numb3rs today. It was dealing with rape. In the first few seconds of the episode there were some numbers on the screen. 1 in 6 women, 84% unreported, 1 every 2.5 minutes, and the total number of rapes in a year. All the numbers where for USA.

I didn’t know the episode was about rape, nor that all the numbers on the screen were about rape. Took me about .1 seconds to figure it out though. Boyfriend had to pause it.

One of the cops in the episode seemed to embody one of the reasons why rape is so under reported. One of the victims were drugged and they had a blood test done and she still had traces of a classic rape drug in her system.

“Proves her story,” said one of the cops.

“No, proves she was high, not raped,” the cops that annoyed me so said.

I was pretty mad at nearly everything that cop did and said through out the episode…. Even though they got the rapist in the end. To bad half of the rape victims ended up with a drug resistant STI and all but the first victim could’ve “missed out” on that experience if the rapist’s partner had turned him in.

Seriously, if you’re a cop and your partner gets violent with and rapes women you should report him. Not just ask for a new partner.

If a alleged rape victim still has traces of a drug in her system and says she isn’t sure she can identify her rapist from the pictures you’ve brought you don’t press her. You come back later.

I don’t get how some rapists can actually believe it’s just sex. If you have to drug someone to get them to sleep with you it’s not sex. It’s definitely rape. If you need to physically hold someone down to get them to sleep with you it’s not sex. Once again that counts as rape.

Everything before a persons say yes and after the person says no is rape, not sex.