[Insert the noise a phone makes when it wants your attention]

“Hello…?” My standard way of answering the phone. Only time I introduce myself when talking on the phone is when I’m calling “official” people and Ria’s home-phone.

“Hey honey,” boyfriend’s voice can be heard on the phone. I hadn’t expected it to be him this time actually. My aunt was waiting for a call from her co-worker.

“Hey,” I reply, sounding happy this time. I like talking to him. The telephone is probably among the most useful invention ever. I could see boyfriend in my mind. Probably in front of his computer.


“So what have you been doing today?” I asked him. Probably just work I was guessing, but you never knew.

“Just work,” he said, sounding tired. “You?”

“School…” I said, also sounding tired. “I also talked to Risika some.” The tired tone lost from my voice.


“I think I’ve found a motive I like for a tattoo,” I said. Definitely not sounding tired now. I’d been wanting a tattoo for ages, but never found a motive I was happy with. This time I wanted to use a sketch I’d drawn a year or two ago that a friend was going to fix a bit.

“Also, I GOT CAKE!” Now I was sounding pretty exited.

“Why-” Boyfriend interrupted himself. “Oh, yeah, it’s your brother’s birthday.” He is turning seventeen today. I remember his birthday the year I was seventeen. My brother is almost a legal adult! O.o


“I’ll see you tomorrow”