black and white

I saw I am Legend with boyfriend last weekend. I think it was pretty good :) It’s a movie where more or less 99% of all humans die due to a virus. In the movie’s timeline the virus was releaser in 2009, and from what saw it seemed to be around Christmas. If that was true we’d only have another two years to live.”So, we got another two years to live,” I said.
“What?!?” boyfriend looked alarmed.
“If that movie is to be trusted at least,” I explained. Boyfriend smiled.

I hugged him and snuggled closer. I’d been feeling a bit down earlier that day and more or less pushed him away. I sometimes do that when I’m down, depends why I’m sad though.

“If we had two more years to live, do you think we could stay together for the rest of our lives?” I asked.

“Two more years?” boyfriend echoed me. “Yeah, I think so.” I smiled. I actually think we can last that long too^^ I really love him, and I like spending time with him even if we don’t do anything.

“If this would last that long it would be your longest relationship too,” I said for no particular reason. I don’t really care that him and his ex were together for like two and a half years. I’m not jealous and I’m not comparing what we have to what they had. I just like numbers^^

I turned around to be able to hug him properly.

“I love you “