Since I’ve been taking so many pictures I thought I’d share some of them^^ Please let me know what you think about the pictures^^

fika station

Last weekend I went to see Alien vs. Predator 2 with boyfriend and one of his friends. Before we went to see the movie me and boyfriend had a cup of hot chocolate and his friend a coffee. Those cups were HUGE! The other picture is from the bus station^^

sk doughnut

From school. Kitty’s doughnut and one of the staircases through a door xD


Some moron set fire to one of the waste baskets in one of the toilets -.- Risika told me that a guy I know had been bragging about how he did it. I debated telling someone at school just cos he annoys me a lot. Other than annoying me he’s been stalking Nympho too >.<

waterice2 waterice1

Part of the lake had frozen, part had not^^ Looked even cooler in real life xD


Taken last time I was out clubbing.