Today was a pretty good day in school :) Even if I got there waaay too early. We got a ride from my mum and he started about an hour and a half before me.

When I got to school I met Bubblegum Boy and Kitty, a girl in my class. We talked a bit and then she called Tiny, the other girl in my class, and talked a bit. Ended up with Kitty saying she’s come pick her up for school and asked me if I wanted to tag along.

Why not, I though and went with her. In the car she told me she’d broken up with her boyfriend, who is another classmate of ours. Incidentally one of the classmates I don’t really liked. She said she wanted to be single and didn’t really trust him anymore.

In our first class of the day we played Jeopary with the categories Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Religious Celebrities. We were in teams and my team consisted of me, Kitty and Tiny and we ended up winning ;D With 700 points more than the team that came second and 6500 more than the ones who came third. Was a lot of fun actually^^

English was my last lesson for the day. The teacher told us some about how to quote properly and showed some of the students attempts at it. She used a paragraph from my latest essay as a good example :D That really made me happy^^ I was also told that I might just have the most fluent spoken English in our class.

After school I headed over to my favourite café and the first person I saw was Risika! Haven’t seen her in months! Bob was there as well and we ended up talking about stuff like sex and our past and present boyfriends’ families.

Fairly long entry so the rest will be after the fold.

Bob once slept with a guy who had a 28 centimetre cock and Risika got dumped by a guy she wasn’t even together with. He’d apparently thought that they were together cos she’d slept with him. I think Risika knows that I was raped, but I’m not sure. I think she reads my other blog.

On the topic of boyfriends’ families Bob had some pretty funny stories to tell. Her mother owns a store selling sex toys, sexy clothing, porn movies and other things like that. Her then-boyfriend’s family was super-Christian and when they asked what her parents did Bob said that her mother owned a movie store.

Risika was pissed off at her most recent ex cos he was such a mommy’s boy. The guy is still in that mum-can’t-be-wrong phase that I grew out of before I hit puberty. If his mother criticised Risika he’s agree with her. Risika also had an ex who used to beat her. Once when giving him a blowjob he said something pretty insulting and she bit him. Hard.

We talked a bit about how relationships end. I’m the only one out of us three that have never been dumped. But then I haven’t had many romantic relationships end ;)

One of the things we talked about I’m not going to post here though. Boyfriend reads this blog and it’s something I don’t want to tell him as it is right now. Maybe someday I will, but it’s really none of his business.

Prank calls was another of the things we talked about. I told them about the time I’d prank called a person and told them that they had been randomly selected for this competitio. If they managed to give the right answer to my question they’d win a 500 watt cement-mixer*. Then I’d ask what colour the king’s white horse was.

No one won my cement-mixer xD

*If it’s the wrong word for these, please let me know.