Today was my second day back in school. Yesterday I’d gladly have skipped. Felt really ill all day >.< Nearly fainted one time even… I think I made it through the day partially thanks to my Mp3-player. Practically listened to music all day.

We had physics today in school^^ I like physics :) I also found out what grade I get in religion yesterday :D MVG, which is the best grade you can get here. That was probably the best thing that happened to me yesterday.

Today it was time for me to play music too^^ I take lessons and I’ve uploaded a picture of the newest song my teacher had me play. I had some trouble with it cos I’m a lousy musician. I only play because I love it.


I really love music.  I don’t know how I’d survive without it… I definitely wouldn’t cope with my maths lessons without my little music machine. I really need it to block out the people in my class talking. I also don’t know how I’d cope with life without being able to lose myself in the music when I’m out clubbing.

I almost feel like going to bed actually….