First time ever I wasn’t celebrating this day with my family. I was at Mary’s place^^ It was me, her and four of her friends^^I got there a little late due to buses not really co-operating with me, but I didn’t get there last. Her neighbour was actually the one who got there last xD

When I got there I felt really underdressed though. All the other girls were wearing pretty dressed and stuff… But it didn’t really matter :D I found it pretty funny that Mary had curled her hair and I had straightened mine though xD

For dinner they had chicken and me and another girl had these vegetarian thingies that tasted really good ^^ With that we had some baked potatoes, carrots and tomatoes with cream or something like that, tasted really good :D

The dessert was my favourite though :D Ice cream with fruit :D And one of the fruits were pineapple which is one of my favourite fruits :D

After dinner we were singing karaoke, which was pretty fun actually ^^ I also sang a couple of songs O.o That really surprised me to be honest.

All in all I had a really good time :D