I’m back home^^ Well, almost at least, I’m at boyfriend’s place. Been a week and a half since I saw him last time… So you can probably guess that I’ve missed him a lot.

The holidays were ok I guess. Just really annoyed me how much my family managed to quarrel in so little time. I hid out in “my” room a lot just to get away from them. I think I like my family best one at the time.

I  got a bunch of nice presents though. A digital camera among other things :D Which means I might upload pictures some time^^ So far I’ve pretty much photographed everything in my camera’s line of vision long enough xD It’s gorgeous and it FLASHES!

Yesterday was the first New Year’s eve where I wasn’t completely sober. It was also the first time I found a wine that I liked as well as the first time I got drunk on wine. Another first was me singing karaoke xD I was at Mary’s party and it was a lot of fun :D And none of my family noticed I wasn’t sober when I got home^^

I’ll probably get up a few more detailed posts tomorrow. I’m really, really tired today. I had to get up bit after six AM this morning to catch my train home >.< Cookie to the first one who can guess how I spent the close to five hour train ride home.