The end is near!! I mean the end of this year ;)

I was wondering if anyone have any new year resolutions^^ I don’t know if I have any. I don’t need to quit smoking, I might need to cut back on my sugar intake though. I’m pretty sure that I’m addicted to that stuff…

A while ago when I was in school I was craving something with sugar in it (preferably candy) and said so. A girl in my class asked if I was pregnant. I told her that pregnant women often have weird food cravings, and there is nothing weird or abnormal with me craving sugar.

Also, I’ll be going back home tomorrow^^ My mum bought us tickets on a train leaving ’round 8AM on New Years Day. x.x I’ll be sleeping on our way home. Or maybe I’ll be so speeded from lack of sleep that I’ll be jumping around annoying everyone on the train. If it’s only me and my family it won’t really be a problem xD

So this will be the last of the queued posts. From tomorrow we’ll be back with regular “real-time” posting^^

Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year :D