This one was written when I was sixteen, bit better than the other story I posted xD It’s been edited for paragraphing since then. I was really terrible at paragraphing my text when I was younger. This one is autobiographical as well, names have been changed though. “Rick” is my rapist…….

A Midsummer Night

“I’m bored.” Lucy complained.
“Who isn’t?” I asked, glaring at Lucy. I did not like her, but Diane really did and her and Rick were childhood friends. Well, all of us were, I’d known Rick since I was four, Lucy since I was two. Diane I had known the past ten years, since I was seven that is.
“Diane doesn’t look too bored.” Rick said, half smiling. “She looks like she’ll fall asleep any second now.”

I didn’t blame her. It was just past midnight and we were bored. Really, really bored. We had been sitting in Diane’s little cabin, talking, for the past two hours. And due to the mosquitoes we couldn’t have the windows open, so it was boiling hot in there as well.
“I’m not tir-” Diane started to object, but ended up yawning instead. We all started laughing uncontrollably, the way you can only laugh if you are either drunk or just really tired.

“Lets go outside,” I said, after I finished laughing. “There’s nothing to do in here”
When we got outside in the cool midsummer night we sobered up a bit.
“What’s that sound?” Lucy asked, looking at Rick.
He shrugged. “I don’t know, Sarah?”
“Sounds like music to me, but I’m not really sure…” I said.

Since we had nothing else to do we decided to see where the music came from. Our search took us down to the lake. The music came from somewhere across the lake.
“I’m freezing,” I complained, shivering with cold.
“It’s not that cold,” Rick objected. Pft, he had a jacket on…
“Yeah, that’s what you think,” I grumbled. “You’ve got a jacket.”
“I’m not giving you my jacket,” he said. “’Cause than I’ll freeze.”
“I didn’t ask you to.” I retorted. I wouldn’t have minded too much if he did give me his jacket, but I was not going to ask for it either.
“Where’s the boat?” Lucy asked when we got down to the so called beach. It was nearly overgrown with reeds.
“I dunno”
“Me neither.”
“I’m freezing” the last comment was from me. I was still shivering with cold.
“Well, lets go get you something warm to wear then,” Rick suggested. And so we did. We walked all the way back up. Well, nearly. Diane’s house was approximately 20 meters further up the road. When we got to my house I told them to be quiet and carefully opened the front door. Please, please, please let her be sleeping. Please. I slipped inside my house and tip-toed up the stairs to my room. Please!

“Sarah?” came a sleepy voice drifting from the room across the landing from my room. Damn. Clearly no one had been listening to my silent prayer.
“You can’t come home this late every night,” she told me.
“Sure,” I said and went back downstairs. My mum called out to me and asked me where I was going.
“I’m just getting my PJs” I called back, grabbed my old, worn, trainers and a sweater and went back to my room. Once in my room I shuffled through all the miscellaneous items on my desk for my phone. Now where is it? I found my old math textbook that they had had me paying for last year; I found some change but not my phone. Where did I have it last time? Oh that’s right, the battery had been low so it should be re-charging somewhere. With that thought in mind I found the re-charger and followed the wire to the phone. Gotcha!

With my phone clutched in my hand I made my way over to the window. Out on the roof below my window I tried, but failed, not to make any sounds as I crept over to the edge of the roof and looked down. Bad idea…I didn’t look so far when you were down on the ground! Why did I have to be scared of heights? Rick was waiting for me by the front door and I could see Lucy and Diane just coming out of Diane’s house.

“Pst..” I tried to get Rick’s attention, but failed. I didn’t want to be too loud ‘cause then my mum would hear me as well. Screw that. I whistled. Not one of those piercing whistles but those that could just be the wind, had it not been completely wind free. Rick tried to figure out where the sound came from. I whistled again. He saw me, and even from my distance I could see his eyes widen.

He came over so he was just below me.
“What are you doing up there?” he whispered.
“My mum was up” I whispered back. And that was all that was needed. We both knew my mum. Also known as prison-guard, and that wasn’t just because that was what she was working as.
“How are you getting down, jump?” he asked, he wasn’t serious about the jumping part though. He knew me too well to actually think Id jump down.
“Hey, its like ten feet or something!” I said almost forgetting to whisper.
“Yeah right,” he scoffed. “It’s more like five feet, if even that.”
“As if… You are six feet tall and it’s more than that down,” I said. He wasn’t really six feet but nearly. He was 5’11½ last time he checked.
“What about the pipes?” he suggested. As if…last time I tried those I’d been 12.
“Sure…” I said. “And brake my neck when I fall?”

I did try anyway, but decided it would be easier barefoot. Tossing down my shoes and sweater so Rick could catch them. I tried and I could feel the pipes groaning under my weight. They weren’t designed to carry 120 lbs. for sure.
“Need any help?” Rick asked. By now Lucy and Diane had made their way over to my house. They stayed on the road though, couldn’t blame them. The grass was long enough to get lost in and dew-wet. It was only about a foot or so grass free just close to the walls of the house.

Rick put down my things on the ground and held up one hand so I could use him as a ladder. Gratefully I let him help me down. When we were all on the road heading down to the beach again I thanked him.
“Wouldn’t be as fun without you,” he said and smiled. His smile was contagious and soon I smiled as well, despite being scared my mum would find out.

When we got back down to the overgrown beach we were joking about what we’d do when we got to the place where they probably had a party.
“We could just go up to them and tell them to shut of the music,” Lucy said. “’Hey, we live at the other side of the lake, and your music is keeping us up.’”
“Yeah, or we could say something like ‘Hey, we are the strippers you ordered,” Diane said, laughing.
“Where is the boat?” Diane asked.
“Well, since it’s not here I’d guess it’s somewhere else,” I said. In the end we decided to take Diane’s canoe, with seats for two.
“Where I the other paddle?” Lucy asked, looking around as if expecting it to jump up and bite her nose.
“Here,” I said and handed I to her. She and Diane would be paddling.

When everyone had found place in the canoe we set out to cross the calm lake. It was nearly as smooth as a mirror, the light night sky being mirrored in it.
“It’s beautiful,” I said softly as if not wanting to disturb the lake.
“Yeah,” Rick agreed. The rest of the journey we were pretty silent. We didn’t want anyone from our side of the lake to hear us, and, as the music we were following proved, sound traveled far this night.
“Ehm…” Diane said when we’d nearly made it to the other side. “I think this thing is leaking. Its much more water in it now than when we started.”
I looked down on my feet. I thought Id felt water in my shoes! I just thought it had been from walking through the wet grass…
“Shit” Lucy said, paddling faster. Since she was the only one paddling faster we turned slightly. Diane caught up and soon we were on the right way again. Rick was the only one who had stayed calm.

When we reached the shore the canoe held about 2 inches of water. Which is quite a lot. Usually there will be about ½ inch, and that’s still not little… We secured the canoe to a tree and walked through some trees until we came to a road. A little bit ahead of us we could see the house where the music came from. As we got closer we could see that the music came from a car stereo, we could see a few people as well.
“So, what now?” I asked.
“Lets just go up to the house,” Rick suggested.
“And then what?” I asked. “’Hey, can we join the party?’”

After much bickering to and fro we decided Rick should whistle to get someone’s attention. A blonde girl who looked like she was in her early 30s or late 20s came walking towards us, beer bottle clutched in her hand.
“Hey,” she greeted us.
She asked if we wanted to join their party, so we followed her up to the house. She introduced all of the people there.
Her dad. “Don’t listen to him, he’s wasted”
Her brother and sister, her ex-husband and father of her children, who were currently asleep inside the house, and one of her friends. It was her house.
“So where did you come from?” her father asked us.
“We just heard the music and decided to see where it came from,” Rick answered. Lucy, Diane and me were just standing there looking out of place. We were offered some beers but declined.
“We’ve gotta paddle all the way back home so its no good idea to get drunk” Rick explained.

After a few minutes Lucy wanted to go home. She felt completely out of place and really, really wanted to go home. So we left, walked back down to the shore.
“Shit,” Rick said when he saw the canoe. There was now at least 4 inches of water on the bottom of it. We turned the canoe upside-down, emptying it.

When it was as water-free as we could get it we all got into it and started paddling back to our side of the lake. When we’d gotten about 50 yards away from she shore we all just burst out laughing. No specific reason except we were tired. The “party”, more like a few grown-ups busy getting wasted, had been boring. It took us less time getting home than it had taken us getting there.

When we’d made sure the canoe wouldn’t escape we walked home. Diane and Lucy were talking about some party one of Lucy’s friends was going to have later that week.
Rick and me walked a bit slower than them and soon we were a few yards behind them.
“Scared?” Rick asked as we approached my house. I half-smiled and nodded. Sometimes I felt like he could read me like an open book. He’d known me too long.
“My mums gonna kill me if she finds out…” I said, looking at my feet.
“Then well just have to make sure she doesn’t.” He said, smiling. I looked up at him and couldn’t help but smile as well. He knew how to make me feel better as well. We reached my house and I struggled through the long grass, also know as jungle, to the back door. No way I could get in the same way I had gotten out. Not even with Rick’s help. So I snuck in through the back door, changed to PJs, brushed my teeth, and went up to my room.

I got to my room without problems. At 3 am even my mum was asleep. My bed was filled with junk so after moving all of it to a more fitting place, the floor, I went to bed, took out my diary and a pen to write down all that had happened this day.