Somewhere between asleep and awake, somewhere between horny and not, the morning started good. Feeling boyfriend’s hands on me, touching, caressing… Sleepily I turn around and hug him tight.

“I love you”

Kiss along boyfriend’s collarbone, nibbling on his neck. Hands roaming, no clothes to hinder their path. Hands grabbing my butt, boyfriend kissing and nibbling on my neck.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?”

Fuzzy warm feeling in my tummy, other warm feelings bit lower down. Hungry kisses, hugging tight. Hands wandering in between legs. Moaning.

Boyfriend pulling me on top of him, more kissing, teasing, caressing… Pulling me up on his chest, licking me. Gasping.

Moving down, kissing along his stomach, boyfriend’s turn to gasp. Fingers searching their way in between my legs, moaning with my mouth full.

Still not fully awake I move up to kiss boyfriend’s stomach, neck, lips… Holding tight, bodies intertwined.

“I love you”

“I’ll miss you”