I was over at Nadia’s place today :D Her oldest son was ill and watched a Pippi Longstocking movie. At one place Pippi dips her head in a cake and gets her face covered in whipped cream. I was reminded of a certain asshole who had done the same at my 9th birthday party… The party where I’d dressed up as Pippi Longstocking >< I really don’t want my childhood hero to remind me of him.

Other than that the day was good ^^ We talked a bit, but not much about serious things since her husband was at home. If I’d had a kid at the same age as her my kid would be slightly older than her youngest one! O.o It never felt like she was that young when she got pregnant… She was seventeen years and eight months when she got pregnant the first time and bit over twenty the second time she got pregnant.

I wonder if I’ll ever have kids, and if I do, at what age. I think more about kids when I’ve spend time with her. I wonder what her life would’ve been like had she not gotten kids… Maybe she’d be in school now on her way to becoming a midwife. That was her plans before the kids at least.

Talked a bit about my future too, what I’m going to do with my life. I might become a teacher. As a kid that was the last thing I wanted xD Funny how you change over time. I remember when Nadia was fifteen-sixteen. Then she used to go out on the weekends, hook up with people… Pretty normal teenage stuff, stuff I didn’t start with until I was seventeen-eighteen.