I get comments on my posts about what happened last summer. Most of them make me happy as well as makes it easier to deal with. Then I get one that hurt and really pissed me off. It started off well enough..

Rape is NOT your fault at all! The only time it would be your fault is when you go out and try and find a guy to rape you, but then that’s not really rape is it…
There is no reason whatsoever that it was your fault. EVEN if you COULD have prevented it, it still IS NOT your fault.

Apart from the rambling it sounded nice.. Then he went on:

Dammit, get this into your head and your subconscious mind. I get so frustrated when girls think this way!!

Well, I get frustrated with attitudes like that! It’s hard to get over things like rape. Have you ever been raped? Talked to someone who has?

BUT, there may be a evolutionary basis to your guilt and emotional trauma. I will say something now that you will not agree with, but it IS true. RAPE in itself, is NOT as bad as most people think. YES, if the guy does it because he’s angry with the girl then it makes it worse. But there ARE MANY guys out there who dont rape because of anger or because they want control. They act out of extremely strong sexual urges and many of them do not wish to harm any girl physically.

Now it just got worse. Rape is not sex. Rape is horrible. Rape is treating someone else as less than human. If they have that strong sexual urges they can bloody well masturbate! The body won’t know the difference. But the way porn looks these days a lot of men don’t seem to know the difference between sex and rape, which is very sad.

So if they force sex on a non-consensual girl all it is is harassment, physical harassment, nothing more, nothing less.

As if physical harassment doesn’t impact people? Abuse, whether physical or sexual, can leave deep scars and make the victim unable to feel safe.

What the hell is the difference in sticking a banana up the girl or sticking his dick up her, or his finger??? Not much if you have a careful look at it.

Well, first of all, sticking a banana or a finger up a girl is also rape. Second, with a banana or a finger you don’t face STD or pregnancy risks. Sticking anything “up the girl” is a violating and will often hurt just as much as forced penile penetration.

Girls should view it as physical harassment which DOES NOT and CAN NOT affect their lives. ONLY time it could is when a rape is so violent that the girl ended up in hospital very badly hurt, that then is no different from being physically hurt to the same extend, without being raped.

Can not? Where do you live? It affects you greatly! It poses risks of STDs and pregnancies. It’s a major dismissal of you being a person to be treated with respect. Throughout the comment you sound like physical harassment is no big deal. It is a big deal and can affect someone as much as rape does.

RAPE is nothing compared to killing someone. Non-violent rape is nothing compared to physical abuse from guys that punch you or kick you so that you end up in hospital.

Well, and replying to your comment this way is nothing compared to if I’d hunt you down and punch you? Pneumonia is nothing compared to HIV.

The quicker you view rape as nothing else than forced sex upon you which CANNOT and SHOULD not be allowed to affect your life, the better for you.

What the fuck do you mean with cannot? It sure as hell can, did you read any of my other posts on the subject? Did you read/hear about any other rape survivors experience getting over it?

Get the heck over it, someone stuck some external body part of their into you, so blimming what!!!! How the hell should that cause you extreme trauma etc etc.????

Easy for you to say, you don’t have to live with the memories. You don’t have to live with the flashbacks, the depression. How the hell is caused me pain? Being viewed as less than a human but more of something like a blow up doll, why shouldn’t that hurt? Being treated with utter disrespect? Come back when you know what it is like when someone “stuck some external body part of their into you” when you said no and tell me it didn’t hurt you at all.

No, stop it! And eye for an eye, so go punch the guy lights out, and forget about it. Come on dammit, dont be fooled by societies warped view of rape.

Hurting him will not make me hurt less. And please just shut up. Another equally disrespectful comment from you will also be deleted.