I had so much fun last Friday. Well, Friday night at least. The rest of the day was ok, but the night out… The memory makes me smile :D

I visited Tony between school finished and boyfriend got off work. We talked and had a cup of tea. Nothing special really. ‘Till  I nearly freaked out… I don’t even know why. So I kinda hid in the bathroom for a while…

Showed up at boyfriend’s job a bit before he finished and later had dinner at his place. For quite a long time I was debating with myself whether I wanted to go clubbing or not. In the end I decided I wanted to but would leave early. So I got changed and fixed my make up and all that stuff.

On the bus I ran into a couple of people I kinda know. They are also regulars at this club I go to. Had a lot of fun with them on the way there, got a bit tipsy on the stuff Cindy offered me. When we were in the line to got into the club Tony texts me and asked where I was. I’d told him I was maybe going out, and he was already there.

Boyfriend’s ex was there. She is nice^^ We talked for a while and she told me she had nothing but good things to say about boyfriend. She also gave me one of these, so when I finished it I was nearly drunk.

Most of the night I could be found on the dance floor with Cindy and Tony though, and when they decided they wanted to have shots I tagged along to the bar for a glass of water. Cindy ordered three though, one was apparently for me. After that I was very drunk. I was also very happy even though everything was spinning.

Alcohol works as a magnifying glass on my emotions so if I’m happy and get drunk I’ll be even happier. I was happy that night and I couldn’t get rid of the smile :D I also had a lot of fun letting everyone know the room was spinning for me. I’m pretty sure everyone else did not find that as funny.

Around 2.30AM Cindy wanted to go home. Her feet were killing her and I’m not surprised. She’d worn shoes that made her one or two decimetres taller xD

The room was still spinning when I woke up Saturday morning.