I went out clubbing on Friday. First time in ages that boyfriend wasn’t also going out. I felt kinda bad for leaving him alone* at home…

When I got there I searched the place for people I knew. There were quite a few there and Daisy hug-attacked me. Then I was introduced to a girl who used to be a regular but recently had a kid. Linda knew who I was, just as I knew who she was thanks to a certain community site. Apparently she’d grown up in the town I live in now^^ From what I’d seen her write and heard about her I thought she’d be a complete bitch, but she was really nice ^^

Smile was there was there too. I’ve only met him a couple of times before, but he’s fun^^ I was really surprised when I found out he was younger than me though. He’s a year younger than me. I hid behind him a couple of times when creepy men came too close :D Human shields are pretty affective ^^

Other than meeting people I was jumping on the dance floor. I love it! Just moving with the music, not thinking**, just dancing. I really needed that, since it makes me forget everything that makes me feel down.

Daisy got pretty drunk, like usual. Apparently I’m one of her favourite people and she really cares about me. I also have a very pretty smile. As always I take drunk peoples’ compliments with a grain of salt…

Around two the annoying guys and me getting tired started outweighing the fun part, so I left. At boyfriend’s a nice, warm bed was waiting for me^^ I tried to not wake up boyfriend, but failed. Even if he hadn’t woken up by me stumbling around in the dark he’d most likely woken up when I went to bed. He told me I was a human ice cube xD

I fell asleep pretty quickly and slept really good :D Love sleeping with boyfriend. Both ways that can be interpreted <.<

*Well, not really alone since his parents were there xD
**As long as creepy guys kept their distance.