Dear Guys Visiting Clubs
A girl wearing a short skirt is not inviting you to grope her, nor does she want you to. She would very much prefer you keeping your hands far away from her butt and most definitely would not appreciate you trying to stick them up her skirt.

If you move closer to a girl on the dance floor and she is inching away/flat our running away* she does not want to dance with you, so please leave her alone. If she happens to know the owner of the club even more reason to stay away from her.

If you see a girl on the dance floor who is younger than twenty when you are older than fifty you do not hit on her. If you still do and she politely asks you to leave her alone, you do. You do not wait for her to yell at you to LEAVE HER ALONE FOR FUCK SAKE!!!

A girl who turns you down for a dance will not reconsider if you ask her another fifty million times. After the third ‘no’ you can be pretty damn sure she does not want to dance with you.

Not yours sincerely
Girl Visitig Clubs

*I actually ran away from a guy and he followed me >.< CAN’T HE TAKE A HINT DAMMIT?