I’ve been looking through different programmes that seem interesting. Graduating in June, so I’ll be applying to different unis in Sweden and abroad soonish.

Just found out that I can’t apply to one of the programmes I want to apply to. They require a maths course I haven’t takes *sob*

Found one pretty interesting programme in Scotland and other fun things in Norway and Denmark… As well as a couple of things a bit closer to home. I don’t think boyfriend would be too happy if I moved abroad.

If I find something that I really, really want to study and it just happens to be abroad I think I would be prepared to move even if that meant I wouldn’t see boyfriend very often. Much as I love him, I don’t want him to get between me and my education. I’d miss him terribly though…

Mostly what I’m looking for is something to do with Mathematics. That is most definitely my favourite subject. I really like number and how they work together.

I found one programme I might apply to which is very close to where boyfriend lives as well xD