When I’d just started falling asleep last night I got a text that jolted me back to the land of the living. Cursing I checked who’d sent it and what they wanted.

Tony* asked if I was at [insert name of a nightclub]. I texted him back and said that I wasn’t there, then I rolled over with the intention of falling asleep. No such luck though. Tony texted me back and said he was on his way there and asked how I was doing.

I said I was feeling ok, and tried to fall asleep again. I got another text where he said he was worried about me and asked if I wanted to meet up with him. I replied and said that he needn’t worry about me and that I was busy with school work over the weekend, but maybe next week. He replied and said he’d call me sometime during the weekend.

Finally I could fall asleep.

For about ten minutes then I got the next text, this time from boyfriend. He asked if I was awake.
“Now I am,” was the reply he got. So he called me and said sorry for waking me up and asked if I’d rather go back to sleep or talk to him for a few minutes.
“Well, I’m awake now,” I said. “So I can talk to you for a few minutes.”

I don’t really remember much from the conversation cos I was half-asleep through it all. Mid-conversation with boyfriend I got yet another text from Tony. He said that if I wanted to meet up I was always welcome.

By now I was so tired I was getting frustrated, so I hung up with boyfriend and sent a text to Tony telling him that right now, I just wanted to sleep.

He woke me up one last time though, to say good night.

Finally, at sometime after 1AM I got to sleep.

*I decided the one night stand needed a name, so he’ll be Tony from now on.