I’ve had the attention span* of a two year old on a sugar high these past few days. So school work have “piled up”. Compared to some people I have very little to do.

-Write a speech for English with a good introduction and conclusion.  Half-done, due in on Monday.
-Write an essay on 1984. Not even started, should be finished 26th
-Finish reading 1984. Three-quarters done, should be finished by 26th.
-Write an essay for Swedish. Not even started, due in tomorrow.
-Type up the protocol from the last student council meeting. Why, why did I volunteer to be the secretary? Half-done, have to be done by Monday at the latest, preferably earlier.

Tomorrow is not a regular school day though. It’s a day to catch up on school work and re-sit tests you’ve failed. So I have lot’s of time to get done. I just feel really stressed cos I can’t concentrate… And I need A’s on all of it too.

*When it comes to school work or anything not related to my little “problem”.