First time I was seriously worried that I might be pregnant was about a year ago. It was shortly after getting on birth control and me and boyfriend had been having sex without a condom.

My period, which previously had been crazy irregular, was very regular* thanks to the little pills and it was three days late. I was really scared. I knew I couldn’t deal with a pregnancy at that point in time.

So I decided to get a pregnancy test and headed over to Ungdomsmottagningen** when they had drop-in times.

When I got there I was nearly alone. There was another girl there looking scared. When I was alone I read the brochures they had there about contraceptive methods. I also took a test to see which method would suit me the best. I already knew that since I’d talked a lot to the gynaecologist who gave me a prescription.

When it was my turn I first had to give my name so she could find my record. After that I went to pee so I could check if I was pregnant.

The test came up negative! I was so relieved. I stayed there a bit to talk to the person who’d done the test, who also happened to be the person who subscribed my birth control pills. She was very nice and easy to talk to. We were talking about things like unplanned pregnancies and stuff.

When I left the first thing I did was call boyfriend. When he answered the phone I nearly yelled “I’m not pregnant!” which surprised him.

I hadn’t told him my period was late.

*I could probably tell what hour I was getting my period.
**Health care provider for young people that mainly deals with sexuality and mental health. Everything there is for free.