I felt like I was freezing to death today. The temperature wasn’t even below zero >.< Later on in the winter the temperatures will be somewhere around twenty below… I’m so going to freeze to death.

It’s been snowing properly this weekend too. Everything is white! Snow is pretty, sure, but I don’t like being out in it unless we’re going skiing. Skiing is fun. Unless I fall over and get a concussion… I did that first time I went skiing. Concussions are annoying and I couldn’t concentrate on anything with messed up one of my science grades.

I’m also really tired. Boyfriend said he’d call earlier today, so waiting for that, thinking about calling him myself and thinking about about going to bed at the same time.

Also, I just wanted to say that I’m very lucky to be living here. I don’t have to deal with FGM on a personal level… That stuff is disgusting at best.

I’m still freezing though, and I’m inside now. It’s so cold and I wish boyfriend was here to keep me warm. Or that I was there. They have FIRE! :D Is it a sign that I’m crazy or a sign that there is nothing good on TV when I prefer watching the fire?