A couple of days ago me and boyfriend were in his room. Dinner would soon be ready and he was doing something at the computer while I absent mindedly traced my fingers over his stomach.

After a while he asked me to stop.
“Why?” I asked.
“I’m getting horny,” he said like is was something I ought to have figured out on my own.
“So?” I asked cheekily.
“Dinner soon,” he said.

I started kissing just at the hem of his trousers, pulling them down a bit. He couldn’t concentrate at whatever it was he’d been doing at the computer. I stroked his cock through the jeans and felt it growing. I kind of like how I affect him.

I undid the top button and pulled down his trousers a bit. Like halfway down his thighs, then I pulled down his boxers some so I could get proper access. About now I think he figured out what I had in mind. I wanted to go down on him, not only cos I know he enjoys it, but cos I enjoy it.

I started with trailing kisses along his shaft. He half-moaned. I started sucking at his cock. He gasped. I continued, and then stopped, siding up to him on the bed and kissed him.
“You are so good at that,” he let me know between pants.
“Want me to continue?” I asked him.
“Yeah…” he said. So I did.