Part one can be found here.

When we got to the club the queue was loooooong. Luckily I found a friend not too far from the front of the queue. After a couple of minutes I started talking to this girl behind us. Somehow we started talking about oral sex and comparing going down on boys and going down on girls. She preferred going down on girls, cos with guys “you had to swallow stuff that just wanted to come back up”. Then she asked if any of us smoked cos she had these really cool rose-flavoured cigarettes.
“The smoke smells like roses, it’s awesome!” she said.

When we were almost at the front of the line Daisy, Pink, and Kleptomaniac showed up. Daisy shoved us to the front of the line and pretty soon we were in^^ After leaving our coats I practically ran off to find boyfriend, hugging him when I did. I’d missed him even if I’d seen him that morning.

I’m a regular at that club, so there were a lot of people there I knew, so the first fifteen minutes or so I spent looking for and saying hi to people I knew. Was fun seeing them again^^

When I’d said hi to everyone I knew there Angel and Ria showed up. More hugging followed^^ I like hugs^^ It’s kinda hard to imagine there was a time when I’d flinch if someone got too close to me.

Finally, the DJ started playing music and pretty soon the dance floor was filled. I really enjoyed it! This particular dance floor is one of the places where I kinda feel at home. I really love just moving to the music, and there just isn’t room for any other emotion than happiness. I love it!

I also love making out with boyfriend, pressing him up against the wall, or him pressing me up against a wall, kissing, touching, biting… I think it can be fun when people see us and think that it’s just a hook up for the night when it’s so much more. I really love my boyfriend!

About twenty to one boyfriend left. He had to work the day after and didn’t want to be too tired. I really didn’t want to leave yet, so I stayed. I did have fun after boyfriend left, but I had more fun before he did to be honest…

When I did leave, ’round 2.15AM it was snowing! No fun, since the snow was wet! So it was more like slush than snow… I said good bye to Ria and ONS by the bus stop and sat down to wait for my bus. Next to me there was this guy who looked like he was falling asleep, so I kinda poked him to wake him up.
“Huh?” he said and looked around.
“You were falling asleep,” I told him. “So I woke you up.”
“Thanks,” he said. We talked a bit and then my bus arrived.

When I was half way to boyfriends place he called me. That surprised me since I thought he’d be asleep by then. He asked how far I’d gotten and when I told him I was half-way there he decided to wait up ’till I arrived. He would have to get up either way since I didn’t have a key.

It was still snowing when I got off the bus, but it was dryer snow this time so it wasn’t as bad. I’m kinda sad that the hearts boyfriend had made in the snow had snowed over by the time I got there….