Yesterday was a blast!

After “breakfast” I left boyfriend’s place. After a lot of texting to and fro I’d met up with Angel, Ria and Daisy. It was great to see all of them again.

I met up with Angel first, and since she hadn’t eaten anything I dragged her over to a Subways place and ordered something to eat. On our way to meet up wit Ria ONS called me. Asking what I was going to do and stuff. When I spotted Ria there was a lot of hugging. I was pretty confused with Angel, Ria and ONS all talking at the same time and about different things. So me and ONS hung up after I’d told him I was going out and he could join us if he wanted to.

Two minutes later Daisy showed up and we went to buy her a santa hat. Then we made our way over to her place for the pre-party were we occupied the bathroom to get changed and fix make-up and stuff^^

When boyfriend finished work he called me and we talked for a few minutes but it was kinda hard with Daisy’s boyfriend playing really loud music. I actually hid out in a closet so I’d be able to hear him.

A bit after that me and Daisy could be found waiting for ONS to get there. We were talking about relationships. She asked me how long me and boyfriend had been together when I first told him I loved him. She really loves her boyfriend she just doesn’t know how to tell him so we talked a bit about that. She also said that many relationships wouldn’t have gotten over some of the things her and Jay (the boyfriend) had been fighting about. I got to know some of the things they’d fought about but she made me promise not to tell anyone.

Mid-conversation we were interrupted by Jay and a friend of his who were on their way to meet up another guy who didn’t know the way. A minute or so later ONS arrived and me and him went back to the apartment. Daisy and Jay and Jay’s friend went to meet up FT (the “other guy who couldn’t find the way”).

When they got back we met a very drunk FT. My guess is that he was pretty horny too, cos he was hitting on every girl in there including me. He is a huge flirt, but he’s never hit on me before and I hope he’ll never do it again cos that was creepy! He actually called me and Ria lesbians and when we asked him why he said it was cos we didn’t want to sleep with him.
“That’s cos we’ve got boyfriends,” Ria told him.
“Oh, yeah, I knew that,” he said kinda vaguely and went to hit on Daisy.

Angel had to leave some things at the place were she was going to sleep and since she didn’t want to go alone I agreed to come with her. Ria and ONS came with me. On our way there we split up though cos we were running late. Ria and Angel went to drop of Angel’s things and me and ONS went ahead to the club.

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