I’m happy^^ I just got a text from Ria :D She’s also going out tonight! I asked Daisy if Ria could come to the pre-party too, and was told that of course she can come!

I’m so looking forward to partying! Haven’t been out in aaages! Last time was pretty fun if you don’t count the end of it… This time however I doubt that Daisy will get really drunk and really mad at Jay and all the other shit that happened last time xD

Anyway, from no on I’ll probably go out a lot more^^ My favourite club is back in business :D And even when they raise the minimum age to twenty it wont affect me cos the age limit doesn’t affect members xD

Anyway, I’m off to eat breakfast (Yeah, it’s breakfast even though it’s 2.30PM xD) and then I’m maybe meeting up Ria :D