I’ve got the whole week off school :D And I’ve got fun things planner as well ^^ I’m seeing friends, seeing my boyfriend and going clubbing!

Movie night at Bite Me’s place tonight^^ Lynette and a bunch of other people will be there :D Haven’t seen Lynette in aaages (since July) so I’m really looking forward to it^^ Bite Me just called and said that there will be so many people there so not everyone will be able to stay the night. I might be one of the people who has to leave… I hope not since that would mean I have to go to boyfriend’s place and that can take me up to two hours. That means I’ll hardly sleep tonight. But movie nights are fun^^

Even if I can stay the night I’ll see boyfriend on Tuesday. He’s got Wednesday and Thursday off^^ That means I’ll get to spend some extra time with him :D If I’d had school this week I would only have been able to see him Thursday and Friday night.. And also his parents will most likely be at work so… *grin*

Friday I’m going clubbing :D Been a long time since the last time and Daisy also invited me to a pre-party^^ My favourite club is back in business :D The club wont be having a Halloween themes party, but a bunch of people are getting dressed up anyway. I might be one of them ^^

Also I got this link from boyfriend. ME WANTS!!