Yesterday was a movie night! Wiiee! Bite Me asked if I wanted to come a few days ago :D Also, Risika was going to come :D I haven’t seen her since July or something… She moved a couple of months ago. So it was really fun seeing her again^^

One of Bite Me’s friends really didn’t know how to shut up. She’d talk more or less non stop even through the movies. Hence Saw III wasn’t as scary as it could’ve been. It was still bloody and kinda gross, but it wasn’t really scary with this girl chatting about everything and nothing…

In the middle of Over the Hedge Bite Me’s brother, Dev (two links) came home. Risika left to borrow Bite Me’s computer and in the end of the movie Dev and boyfriend sat talking about games and other nerdy things as well as some pervy things and I was close to falling asleep.

We went to bed rather early though. And this girl kept on talking! In the end I got so frustrated I left and went to bed in Bite Me’s bed instead. The rest of them were sleeping on sofas in the cellar*. I was shortly followed by boyfriend who half-chastised me for leaving without him.

I slept pretty good when I’d gotten away from all the people talking and boyfriend was holding me. Thanks to a dream I was a pretty big tease in my sleep and very horny when I did wake up. I’ve now had sex in Bite Me’s shower twice and once in his bed…..

*Bite Me’s cellar is really nice. They have a home-cinema and a music room there..