My boyfriend is great. Don’t believe me? Read this post.Boyfriend was doing something on the computer, something I don’t find very interesting, so I tried distracting him. Which worked ^^ Well, who wouldn’t be distracted if their girlfriend was more or less sticking her hands down the trousers as well as leaving trails of kisses from the lips to the edge of the pants?

A bit later when I’d successfully”stolen” his attention I tied his hands to the bed so he couldn’t get away. And went down on him. I love that I can make him gasp like he did last night, love that he really enjoys what I do, love how I can make him breathless.

Eventually he got lose and decided to tie me up. I can’t say I minded that, I like it when he is in control (as long as I can be in control sometimes too). So he tied me up and almost went down one me. I was really horny and him kissing, licking, biting like an inch away from where I wanted him only made me hornier. When he finally decided to eat me out… I can’t really describe the feeling.

Thing is, when he makes me come he won’t stop ’till I’m practically forcing him off me. This time I was tied down so I couldn’t get him to stop. I think that was one of the most intense couple of orgasms in a looong time. And when he did stop all I could do was try and catch my breath.

Before I’d completely managed to do that he moved up, so he was on top of me and pushed inside me. With every thrust it I felt like I was seconds away from coming, felt like I never wanted it to stop.

Right when I felt like I was starting to get sore, boyfriend came and close to collapsed on top of me. I’d managed to get him hands lose, so I hugged him close. Like I never wanted to let go and kissed him.

“I love you”