I saw ONS last Friday. I had a couple of hours and nothing to do, so I called him. We’ve been talking about meeting up a couple of times before, but this was the first time I saw him since I left his apartment after having spent the night.

So I was kinda worried I’d still be sexually attracted to him. I really didn’t want to! I didn’t think I’d do something stupid if I was too see him, I wasn’t even worried I’d want to do something stupid!

We met up at the train station and then went back to his apartment for a “fika” consisting of tea and some cinnamon buns. We also half-watched a movie and talked some. The only physical contact was two hugs. One when I came and one when I left. So I needn’t have worried! :D

Later the same day, I asked boyfriend what would be counted as cheating.
“Why?” he asked. “You got something to tell?”
The last part mainly added as a joke.

Like can hugging someone be considered going too far? Boyfriend said it depended on what kind of hug and who I was hugging. It’s nearly always not cheating though. Snuggling on the other hand could be going too far. Again, depending on who I would be snuggling with.

So I’m still not sure what would be going too far, I just don’t think I’ll ever cheat on boyfriend. I’d feel uncomfortable and like I was doing something wrong way before it would be going too far.