Boyfriend’s birthday was on Sunday. On Saturday we were at a party and got home shortly before midnight. Boyfriend said that technically it would be his birthday when the clock stuck midnight. So could he get his presents? At one minute past midnight on my birthday I opened the present he’d gotten me so I though that was ok and gave him his birthday gift. He liked it :D

Shortly after he’d opened the present he fell asleep. I didn’t fall asleep as fast since I was a bit drunk, a bit hyper and kinda horny. I did eventually fall asleep only to wake up shortly after that from a nightmare. The first among many that night.

The next morning his parents came into the room to give him their gift and wish him a happy birthday. I don’t remember much cos I was sooo tired and half asleep. I even managed to fall sleep after they’d left.

I woke up again, cuddled up next to boyfriend. I hugged him and wished him a happy birthday. The hug led to making out and other things. I don’t clearly remember it all since I was still pretty tired. I do remember being able to deepthroat boyfriend though! Pretty funny coincidence that it happened on his birthday xD

Later that day his family and neighbours came over. He got pretty presents that contained useful things he’ll need once he finds an apartment. There was food and lot’s of talking and people wishing him a happy birthday. My memories are slightly hazy due to lack of sleep.

When people started leaving he offered to give his best friend a ride home. She just moved into her apartment and he wanted to see it. I also tagged along and she gave me a chocolate ball and a energy drink. So when we arrived at her apartment I was less like a zombie and more like a human.

Her apartment was messy and the interior decorations weren’t completely finished yet. It was still nice though ^^ She asked boyfriend to fix something with her router, but he wasn’t able to fix it.

When we got back to his place we watched some TV and then went to sleep. I didn’t really want to sleep right then, but I was hardly able to keep my eyes open. I asked boyfriend if he’d had a nice birthday.
“Yeah,” he said. “But it could’ve been better.”
“How?” I asked.
“If I’d spent all day in bed with you,” he said and hugged me.