Bleh… That’s about how I feel right now. Despite looking forward to the weekend, I don’t feel that happy right now. I don’t know why since nothing is wrong! I’ve got tomorrow off, and I’m most likely going clubbing tomorrow. It’s been ages since the last time, so I’m really looking forward to to it. And still it feels like something is wrong…

At least I’m not really crying.

What the fuck is wrong with me? This weekend will probably rock, school is going great, my mum is awesome, no one has been really mean to me for a long time, I’m seeing some of my friends daily… And that’s all the things I’m usually sad about.

I’m scared my old depression will come back… My life was living hell for a while in my early teens. I don’t ever want to feel that sad for such a long time ever again! The only thing I learnt from that is the right way to injure yourself without anyone noticing.

‘Nuff of this emo-shit >.<