Today I was at my favourite café when a friend of mine came. I hadn’t seen him since the summer so it was nice to see him again. I asked a bit about what he’d been up to. Currently he’s leeching of his parents since he haven’t gotten a job and he is no longer in school and thus doesn’t get any “studie bidrag”*. He had also gotten dumped by his girlfriend which he was still pretty sad about. I can understand that. They’d been together five years and had been engaged. I was pretty sad back in January when me and boyfriend broke up**, and we’d been together less than a month then.

He is one of those friends who I hug a lot. We’re both addicted to hugging xD I also curled up in my chair and had a mini-nap… As did my friend in his. The guy working at the café didn’t like this and raised the volume of the background music to “wake us up”. He also told us that it was no “friggin youth hostel”. So my friend went and bought a soda with caffeine hoping it would make him less tired.

His friend had moved to a corner of the café that is covered from view so we sat there, talking and stuff. I also got scratched on the back. Had a been a cat I would’ve been purring^^ I said that so we started talking about cats and animagi, discussing which animals we’d chose if we could turn into one at will. Guess what animal I chose ^^

*In Sweden everyone studying full time will get money every month. It’s not enough to live on, but it sure helps a lot.

**I don’t regret breaking up that time. I think that we’d’ve broken up later even if we hadn’t done it the day we did. This way we managed to solve the problem and get back together :D It’s ten months next Saturday by the way :D