I had a physics test today. I was pretty close to panicking over some of the questions, and when hurrying to my next class (that I was late to due to my timetable being effed) my pulse was still racing and the familiar, pre-panic feeling of everything being slightly unreal was very much present.

If I don’t feel completely sure that I know everything I need to know before a test I usually come pretty close to panicking. It’s stress, but pretty extreme stress. I don’t know why I get so stressed over tests and exams.

Most people stress over tests and other school things, but most people wouldn’t nearly panic over a minor test that you’d have a chance to resit if you’d fail it. I did. I still feel slightly shaky and I finished the test several hours ago.

Tomorrow I have an oral presentation that I’m very stressed about. I have an extreme case of stage fright. I don’t panic and throw my notes all over the classroom like I did five years ago. I still worry that I might panic, even though I haven’t panicked over something like that since I was sixteen.