Scratch part of what I said in the last post. Now I’m pissed off. Boyfriend’s little brother’s friend is bloody annoying! He asked me where boyfriend was and I told him he was at work.
“Why don’t you go meet up with him?” he said in a very accusing tone. Like I was super lazy or a bad girlfriend for not going to meet up with boyfriend when he got off work.
“Why should I?” I asked.
“It’s not like you got anything better to do,” he said.

Well, I might not be doing anything productive, but I don’t like wasting half my life on buses that might be on time. I already spend waaaay too much time on buses and trains just to see boyfriend, and getting to see him half an hour earlier is not enough to make me go to his work. I do love him, but I seriously dislike wasting several hours commuting. A lot of yesterdays nearly two hours on buses/trains/subways I just can’t remember since I completely spaced out.

GAH!!!  I hate it when people tell me what to do!