The creepy text I talked about wasn’t that creepy after all. It continued like this:

Or not ;) Did I scare you? This is a mean chainletter as revenge for other mean chainletters you’ve gotten. So go on getting revenge or made someone horny ;)”

I did not find it funny. So instead of feeling freaked out I just feel stupid for missing half the text. At least I didn’t reply to it when I still thought he was trying to get into my pants. Speaking of getting into my pants…

I went to my first gynecologist exam today. It was kinda scary, but not as bad as I’d though. I got an explanation to why it had been kinda itchy and I know how to get rid of it too. It’s not an STD and the most annoying thing is that the cure doesn’t go well with condoms and since I forgot my little pill yesterday means a week without sex for me >.<

There were some good things with today though..
Two of my friends were playing chess and the guy who usually loses won. He didn’t win all on his own though, but he “bought my silence”. They both agreed that he’d won and that no one else would know any better, when I said I’d witnessed the whole thing. So he bought my silence for a sandwich and a soda. God, I’m cheap xD Made me kinda happy again though ^^ I still hate Mondays though…

And boyfriend said that if I want to give him a good birthday present I can just buy my self some lingerie and let him see it on xD