I look really innocent and slightly younger than I am. I don’t talk a lot about what happens in bed with boyfriend. So far no one but boyfriend and anonymous internet people (aka readers of this blog) know about the this.

I’ve been seen as a prude and not really interested in sex by a lot of people. Me making out with random guys in a night club (pre-boyfriend of course! Sure, I like sex, but I’d NEVER cheat) really surprised a friend of a friend I hardly knew.

I’m the kind of girl people thought they had to explain all the dirty jokes to, the girl who was most likely to “wait for marriage”, the girl least likely to enjoy blowing her boyfriend. The girl who’d never have a one night stand cos she was all about love=sex. And if she ended up having sex it would most likely be the guy initiating it. Also if I said I’d never tried masturbating no one would’ve though I was lying.

A bit after I got together with boyfriend a friend of mine, vNypho, found out. This was like a week after we’d gotten together.
“So,” she asked me. “How far have you guys gone?”
“Uhm, they are together,” another of my friends said.
“So you’re not a virgin any more!” Nympho exlaimed. “Congratulations!”
And then she hugged me.
“He wasn’t the first and I slept with him before getting together with him.,” I told her. Nympho just looked at me like I’d sprouted a second or third head…

I’ve been masturbating since I was somewhere between six and eight. I was ready to have sex years before I actually did. I just didn’t find anyone fuckable ’till I was seventeen. I’ve just never wanted to draw too much attention to myself.

I have a higher libido than my boyfriend. I know some times when I’ve really wanted to fuck him and he was too tired or had a headache (happened once actually xD). Of course there have been times when he’s wanted and I didn’t.

I did have another couple of points, but I got distracted and I’m getting really tired now so I’ll leave that for another post. Night all!