Today will there will be a bunch of random facts about me, my life and this weekend.

Some of my classmates got beat up by kids this weekend. Four of my classmates along with the twin-brother of one of them got jumped by thirteen 14-or-so-year olds on the Saturday.
“We couldn’t hit them back,” was the general agreement between them. “They were so tiny, like half a metre shorter than us!”
The one who got beat up the worst got hit over the head with an iron bar and got a concussion along with a busted lip. The other one who got hit has a cut below his eye.

I wore a skirt to school today. That hasn’t happened in three years. The last time I was sixteen, had no self esteem whatsoever and got payed by two classmates. I actually kinda like my new skirt^^ Bite Me said that apart from the skirt and sweater I looked like I’d run away from an Anime. I had white leg warmers with the skirt xD

In Physics, a guy in my class said, “Speaking of nothing, can you extract DNA from poo?”
This had the majority of the class laughing as the bunch of immature kids posing as quasi-grown up we are.

I read this folder thingy from Doctors Without Borders and there were some diseases mentioned I’d never heard about. So I just had to look up kala-azar. You can learn something new everyday. I also learnt two new words in my English lesson today.

I got a belated Happy Birthday text from a friend who’d been in the middle of moving 250 kilometres to a new town where she didn’t know anyone. She’s going to college there now. She is also the one who payed me to wear a skirt three years ago. And lent me the skirt in question.

My cordless phone ran out of batteries over the weekend. I’d forgotten to put it in the charger when I left Friday morning.

Boyfriend’s family loved the pie I baked. According to all of them, if his youngest brother likes something it’s good! And his youngest brother wanted to kidnap me and make me bake him pie everyday. He also nearly walked in on me and boyfriend having sex this morning.

I have to research the Israeli point of view on the Israel/Palestine conflict. Just kill me already! I already know what I want to know! Kids who throw stones at tanks gets shot. A wall is being built between farmers and their land, between people’s works and their homes. And they bombed Lebanon for two kidnapped soldiers and when people tried going to the UN to try and find a solution USA would veto everything cos “they need to be able to defend themselves from terrorists”. Yes, I’m biased. No, I’m not anti-Semitic, I don’t have anything against Jews. I don’t even have anything against Israelites, only the people killing and building walls and the people making these decisions. Meh, might be good for me to find out more….

Also Windows Live Messenger is acting up for me. I can’t loggin. Anyone got any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. It says my contact list isn’t available.. *grumble*