I bought a skirt today. One that wasn’t really short or really long, just a bit over my knees in length. I’ve never owned one like that, nor have I actually wanted to have one. And I bought it and I think I’ll wear it. According to Bob it looked really nice, and Dev said it was too long like the little perv he is.

My mum is going away for the weekend so I’m going to stay at boyfriend’s even though he’ll be working half the weekend. Will be nice to see him^^ Even though it wasn’t that long ago since I last saw him I miss him… I love him, easy as that.

I’m not completely sure how I’ll spend my weekend yet. I might see my aunt on Saturday if she has time.. Or maybe I’ll see a friend if he’s got time. I was thinking of maybe baking a pie for his parents. I’ll admit that I’m good at two things. Numbers and making crumble pie. Boyfriend claims I’m great in bed, but I don’t know if I’m actually good or if it’s just that I’ve learnt what boyfriend likes so he thinks I’m good.

A newish friend of mine recently lost her virginity. I met her through Bob cos they happened to become classmates this term. She was all giddy about it but wouldn’t tell us anything other than that she’d only met the guy twice and it was a spur of the moment thing. Proved by the morning after pill she swallowed and the booked appointment to check for STD’s. I take it that it wasn’t completely worthless at least. If I’d had a condom on me then she’d have gotten it for sure xD

I had an English essay for today that I wrote during my lunch break. Another girl who takes the same class had apparently spent close to fifteen hours on her. AND SHE THOUGHT MINE WAS BETTER! And I spent less than an hour on the bloody thing O.o Either way I got it done :D (Mental note to self: never leave stuff like that for the last second! Its bad for grades!)

It’s also nine months since me and boyfriend got together :D That’s a long time! It’s 75% of a year! Boyfriend told me this was his first relationship where he didn’t have any doubts after this amount of time.
I did have some doubts but that was like seven months ago.. And those doubts were more along the lines of “can I really have a working relationship when I’m not working properly?”

“But what do you think?
Maybe we could be soul mates
But maybe not (maybe not)
But maybe so (maybe so)
If you never try
Then you’ll never know”
-Limp Bizkit