Part one can be found here.

This Sunday was boyfriend’s last day off before my birthday. So he was going to buy my birthday presents. Since I was going to stay with him ’till the dance performance he left me at a café with an ice cream while running around in shops.

When I was there peacefully reading my book and eating my ice cream someone sits down by my table. I look up and smile. It was boyfriend^^ He is carrying two plastic bags with wrapped presents in them. I thought I was going to die from curiosity.

We still had a couple of hours to kill before the dance thingy so we went and ate something. I was trying not to think about the present, but boyfriend had a lot of fun asking me what I thought I was going to get.

A few hours later we were on our way to the stage. My mum had called and said she’d be late so we saved her a seat. In the middle of the first dance it started raining. Since it was outside this was not good. The stage got too slippery so we had to wait for the rain to pass by. Boyfriend was happy for my umbrella since he didn’t have a sweater.

After a while we gave up and left. We met my mum at the subway station at the same time it stopped raining so I went with her and boyfriend went home. When we got back to the stage it was packed with people. Me and mum split up cos I couldn’t see anything. I walked around trying to find a spot were I could see anything and was pretty close to panicking.

I did panic and the next thing I remember is sitting on a stone about fifty metres from the stage, crying. When I realised I was crying I tried to stop, but couldn’t. So I called boyfriend instead, asking if I could come to his place.
“Of course,” he said. His battery was running low so we hung up.

When I was nearly there my mum called and asked where I was. I told her I was nearly at boyfriend’s place and asked her to ask my brother if he could bring a few things to school the day after. She said she’d do that and we said bye and hung up.
When I got there the door was closed. I knocked and his mum opened. She probably saw that I looked upset, but didn’t ask anything. I was very thankful for that and hurried up the stairs to hug boyfriend. I really needed a hug then.

We didn’t do much, just hugged each other. Then boyfriend said I could open one of my birthday presents in advance.
“What do you think is in there,” he asked me. It felt like a bottle in the package.
“Feels like some kinda bottle,” I told him. I opened the present. It was a bottle. A bottle of massage oil. This definitely cheered me up. “Erotic Massage Oil” it said on the bottle. It smelled really nice.

I got a massage from boyfriend that led to.. other things <.< I definitely felt better when we went to sleep.

I wanted to kill my phone the morning after though. First day of school was waiting for me.