Today was exactly a year since I stopped talking to my dad.

Yesterday I broke down in a café I frequent. To my surprise the first one to notice me crying was this guy who’s formerly annoyed me so much that I offered him a chat with some fish.

And he was the first to notice me crying. Which means he’s redeemed himself in my eyes. I actually told him this today and he was very shocked. Then he asked me if it was ok for him to hug me from now on. Hugging is the way we greet each other at that place. I said it was ok. Then I got a hug.

Yesterday I was worried I’d break down completely today and since I knew boyfriend had the day off I asked if he could come and see me after school. He said he could. Which made me very happy! I love it that he can travel for an hour and a half to see me for a few hours. Specially since that is only one way. Actually I love him.

There were other people who made the day bearable for me as well, and a few other nice things along with them.

All in all I didn’t start crying today, I just came pretty near.. I love my friends ^^ And I love my boyfriend!